Inside a $78K Launch using Facebook Ads -

Inside a $78K Launch using Facebook Ads


The greatest excitement is waking up, checking in on an ad account and seeing the sales numbers jump. Hitting refresh, and seeing them jump AGAIN. And Again.

Seriously, it never gets old!

In this case study, I’m sharing a behind the scenes look at a recent course launch, where my client 10xed their investment, and earned $78K overall.


Total Launch Revenue: $78k
Ad Spend: $4,723
Revenue from Ads: $47, 439
ROI: 904%

Running ads during a LIVE launch are not as simple as throwing them up in ads manager and hitting go.  They require tons of planning, attention to detail, strategy, and quick optimizations for scaling fast.

I probably spent at least 4-5 hours right before the launch creating ad sets and making sure every single piece was in place.

Planning is key in prepping for a LIVE launch.

I implemented a 7 point ad strategy to ensure that the ads were attracting the right audience and also meeting the customer at the right time as they moved through the funnel.

Here is a breakdown of each ad….

The FB AD Strategy:

  1. Lead Generation prior to the launch
    About a month before the launch, my client promoted a “free mini course” to attract the right audience.
  2. Webinar registration promo ads
    1 week before the webinar, we started running webinar registration ads.  They generated 939 sign ups, at an average cost of $3.83.  The IG story placement worked the best, giving the most sign ups at the lowest cost.
  3. Webinar 24 hr reminder ads
    We ran a 24 hr reminder ad to everyone who signed up the day before the webinar, as “engagement” objective, to increase the LIVE show up rate.
  4. Webinar replay retargeting ads to people who didn’t show up LIVE
    For people who signed up to the webinar but didn’t show up, we sent out a link to the replay so they could have one more chance to watch the webinar.
  5. Open Cart
    Once the webinar was over, we started to run open cart sales ads for the course itself targeting everyone who signed up for the webinar.
  6. Close Cart
    A few days before the cart closed, we started running a different version of ad creative that included testimonials from people who had already bought the course.
  7. Retargeting sales ads
    Throughout the duration of the launch, we ran retargeted sales ads for people who went to the sales page but didn’t buy. This ad alone produced 7 sales at the lowest cost per purchase.

LAUNCH Lessons

  • Lesson #1 I always recommend before running ads for a LIVE launch, take the time to figure out to the numbers you want to hit. Look at your sales conversion rate and determine how many webinar signs ups will you need to sell the amount of courses you want to sell.
  • Lesson #2 Create more versions of creative then you think you need. This will help when scaling, especially if you have a huge budget and are capping your daily frequency.
  • Lesson #3 The earlier you start with lead generation, the better. Take the time to warm your audience up to your course by providing value and splintering off small “freebies” or tips from the big ticket course.


Overall, I’m stoked to share these results with you, but keep in mind all of the work my client did aside from having FB ads.

They showed up each and every day promoting the launch and driving traffic to the webinar through their Instagram. They spent the time providing VALUE to potential customers. The work you do before launching is just as important as the launch itself.

If running ads for your launch seems daunting or confusing AF, book a call with me and let’s chat! 


Bethany Randall is a Facebook ads expert and photographer helping business owners thrive (on more than just coffee) and scale online. 


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