How to Get More Views on Instagram Stories •

Instagram Stories, for me, are a way to genuinely create a connection with and entertain the people viewing. They are also a great marketing tool to increase sales or increase your following. But it all comes down to the views.

So how do you get more views on Instagram Stories?

Here are a few ways to reach more people on Instagram Stories…

  1. Use location tags

    When you tag your location in your Instagram story, it automatically get’s added to that location’s overall story. You will instantly get more viewers from people who are interested in that location but may not follow you.

  2. Use hashtags

    Hashtags work the same way as location tags. When you use a hashtag, your story will be added to that hashtag’s overlay story and you will get more viewers who are interested in that hashtag.

  3. Share your stories to Facebook

    You can turn on automatic sharing from Instagram to Facebook. When I did this, I doubled my reach. Because I have more people in my personal network on Facebook, I connected my personal Facebook account rather than my business page. If you have a good following on your business page, then you can connect that, otherwise I would recommend cross sharing them to your personal Facebook!

  4. Create engaging stories and reference them in your IG post captions

    When your stories are worth watching, you will get more viewers. Instead of posting photos and things that matter only to you, try to create some sort of teaching moment or entertainment value. Then when you post on Instagram, let your followers know, you could say something like, “see the full tutorial on my Insta stories!”

  5. Shoutout other accounts, do a take-over, and repost anytime someone mentions you

    “Getting social” on Instagram stories is another great way to increase viewers. When you shoutout similar accounts, they will likely return the favor and you will gain access to their following as well. You can also do an “IG Story takeover” where you guest – takeover another account’s stories for the day. Ideally, they would have a bigger following than you, hence giving you more viewers. (P.S. Always invite them back to your own account.)

More Instagram Story Tips

  • If you want to enjoy the moment but still share to IG stories, record videos on your phone instead on in the app. Then when you get home or later on, you will have time to sit and edit them inside IG for posting.
  • “Highlight” little moments you want to remember by creating a highlight on your IG profile. These are also good for new followers to get to know you and what type of content you post
  • To make your stories more cinematic / interesting, try filming different angles, time lapses, and incorporate slow motion videos. Those are a ton of fun!

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