Your a savvy entrepreneur, crushing it in your biz. Basically, you're the Beyoncé of your industry. 

But there's nothing that can kill your vibe quicker than ads manager, pixels, audience targeting, and the words: sales funnel.

save time & do more inside your genius zone

Let me take those ads off of your to do list and get on the fast track to seeing massive results.

Say goodbye to cookie cutter marketing, as we map out an entire custom ad strategy that is as unique as you are.

finally have a strategy 100% customized for you

You won't have to check those ads 100x a day, or wonder if they're set up correctly. 

launch with confidence and peace of mind

what we do

 "I've noticed a pretty fast increase in bookings and engagement, and I can also feel that we have only just begun."

- Chloe Elgar, @chloescountertop

Step One: Priming





the process

We bring new people into the top of your funnel by running visibility and brand awareness style ads.

Then, we warm up your traffic by getting them onto your list.

We focus on converting warm audiences into buyers with strategic sales ads that aren't salesy.

We continue to track the customer as they move through your funnel and use the power of retargeting to close the sale.

We consistently monitor, tweak, and optimize ad performance.

how we do it

what's included

discovery & onboarding

strategy & Planning

ad copy & Graphics

pixel set up

audience research

campaign set up

weekly reporting

support & communication

If we're a good fit, we will first do a discovery dive into understanding and determining who your ideal customers are.

I create a complete strategy guide to map out the campaigns, audiences, ads, and budget before even opening ads manager.

I work with a master wordsmith (copywriter) and digital artist (graphic designer) to create high converting ads.

I take care of the pixel to ensure tracking the success of the campaigns and so we can later retarget.

Detailed audience research and testing to ensure your message is being seen & heard by the right people at the right time.

Everything is taken care of so you don't even have to open ads manager, ever!

An expert eye monitoring your ads daily, performing optimizations, and sending you a weekly report.

Constant support from me, as a part of your A team, communication and flexibility are top priority. 



FB ads quiz

hey boss, 

Not sure if your business is ready for an ads manager? take this simple quiz to find out!

simply answer yes or no to the following q's...

Do you have a well developed product, service, or funnel that currently makes money?

Are you am overwhelmed when it comes to trying to set up ads by myself?

Do you know exactly who your ideal client is and want to reach more of your dream customers?

Do you want to collaborate with an expert in advertising so you know you won't be wasting time or dollars?

Are you ready to invest in growth for your business?

if you answered yes to more than 4 questions, you are likely ready to outsource ad management!






I'm ready to go big and get massive results!

"Bethany’s knowledge of web design, trends, social media, technology, along with extraordinary patience, makes her an easy recommendation for anyone who wants to take what God has given them to the next level!"

- Theresa, @shapedbyfaith

Frequently asked questions


How much time do I need to plan in advance?

How long will it take to see results?

How much do leads cost & how much will i need to spend?

Can You actually help me?

On average, it takes one week to become a client and for me to get started creating ads. For a course launch, it is best to start ads 4-8 weeks before the actual launch. If you allow yourself even more time, the better!

Results will vary, however I recommend giving it 60 days for the ads to be tested and optimized.

Costs vary per industry but on average, quality leads cost $2-4. For a webinar, $5-$8. Based on results that I have seen with my clients, I recommend no less than $500 minimum ad spend. 

If your application is approved, then I whole heartedly believe you will see success with using ads. I only accept clients that I know I can help.