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322% ROI Using Instagram Story Ads


If you were to ask my favorite type of ad to run, I would definitely say Instagram story ads!

Right now, my client’s are seeing amazing results with Instagram Story ads, and if you’re not using this placement to your advantage then hopefully by the end of this post you will be on your way to creating your next ‘swipe up’ banger.

This case study breaks down a 322% return on investment in the Spirituality niche using an Instagram Story ad strategy with one of our clients.

A little background, this particular client was promoting psychic readings. We aimed to grow her existing warm audience through a blog post (read magnet), and then retarget them with an ad to book their appointment.

We took a small ad budget and was able to produce a 4X return in one month using this strategy.

To make the ad stand out, we used a bright blue color, a lifestyle type of image, and an animated GIF sticker to draw attention.

This is why I love using Instagram story ads: you can be as creative as you want to be.

As you can tell, this “ad” looks nothing like an ad, and I believe that is one of there reasons it converted so well. It looks native to the Instagram platform.

Instagram Story Ad Tips

  • Create the ad using Instagram. It will look more native and less sales-y
  • I love this placement for affiliate marketing! If you have a recommended product that you love, this is a really good placement for promoting that in a way that isn’t tacky or come across as affiliate marketing
  • I have seen this placement do EXTREMELY well for promoting a free opt in (read magnet or lead magnet) but it doesn’t do as well with actual sales ads of a high ticket product. Test it for yourself
  • Take advantage of the animated GIF stickers, boomerang feature, filters, etc to really make your ad stand out and show your personality. Just don’t get too wild or someone might be confused as to what your offer is
  • Use a hook or “pattern disrupt” IF you’re doing a IG story video. Make someone stop and watch your ad by really grabbing their attention from the beginning. This could be a camera shake, a wave…any sort of motion, like walking or riding in a car.

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Bethany Randall is a Facebook ads expert and photographer helping business owners thrive (on more than just coffee) and scale online. 


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