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3 Common Mistakes when Hiring An Ads Manager


If you’re looking to start running FB Ads, make sure you avoid these common mistakes!

The following are the top 3 common mistakes people make when they’re looking to hire a FB Ads Manager…

Mistake #1: Their business isn’t ready for ads.

Before you should start investing in ads, you need to take the time to get clear on a few things first.

  1. You have to know exactly who your ideal customer is.
  2. You have to know your product, and that people are willing to buy it! So has it been tested, are you getting sales?
  3. And you also need to know your goal. What is it you want to acheive with your ads? And I mean very specific here, you need to know an exact number. “If I get 50 leads per week, then I know my ads were a success.” Or “if I sell 5 courses in a month, I know my ads were a success.”

A lot of people start running ads, they dont know these three things and it really hurts the campaign.

Mistake #2: They don’t ask enough questions, or they just don’t know what to ask their prospective ads manager.

A few questions to ask a potential ads manager would be:

  • Do they have experience working with clients in your niche?
  • What are some results they most proud of?
  • What is their process?
  • What’s included in their services?

Mistake #3: They don’t take the time to get educated.

If you’re going to outsource your ads, you want to have a basic understanding of how FB ads work.

In my agency, I take the time to educate every single client, I answer any questions, I make videos with expalanations.

I want you to know exactly what a lookalike audience is. And what a conversion rate is, so you better understand where your investment is going.

If youre going to invest in the stock market…what do you do? You look up the stocks, you study them, you want to know because this is an investment youre making.

Same thing with ads. Now, Im not saying you have to go learn everything there is to know about ads, no….not at all. But at least know what your ads manager is going to set up for you and if its aligned with your end goal.

As always, IF you want help with your ad strategy, book a call with me!


Bethany Randall is a Facebook ads expert and photographer helping business owners thrive (on more than just coffee) and scale online. 


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